About the project

Erasmus + KA2 funded project 2015-1-BG01-KA204-014327

OpenMLP is a 24-month long KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and exchange of Good Practices of Erasmus+ programme, a project funded by the European Commission. The project specific objectives are in line with the ones set by the Erasmus+ programme: develop basic and transversal skills using innovative methods such as accessible (free) mobile application (app) and build a strategic partnership between educational and business organizations for the development, delivery and usage of educational content for the needs of today’s global business environment and the business development in the EU.

Project objectives

The partnership has ambitious objectives

The project is aimed to: • Design, test and deliver an OpenMLP training programme and learning resources, specifically designed and structured to promote the acquisition of knowledge and the development of competences of entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs; • Develop and make available an OpenMLP mobile application and instructions pack to support the exchange of experiences and the development of knowledge and competences of entrepreneurs, based on a freely available application for modern mobile devices. The OpenMLP training programme and the mobile application will be available to be used by entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs and micro and SMEs (for their workers).

Expected Impact

Innovating the way we learn

With OpenMLP main products, the consortium expects to achieve: • Increased opportunities of employability, supporting the development of key-competences for the rise of the competitiveness of the professional profile of entrepreneurs and workers; • Enlarged networks of local, regional, national and European stakeholders, allowing them to boost the Europe 2020 goals related to the decrease of the unemployment rates of EU Member States; • Strengthened cooperation and partnerships between SMEs, local authorities, business organisations and training providers fostering the improvement of the social, economic and political environment, essential for the promotion of innovation and competitiveness; • Reduced negative impact of the economic crisis and counterbalanced disparity between employed and unemployed.

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